The San Antonio School of Kenjutsu
Min Ryű Shinto Ryu

What are we?

The San Antonio School of Kenjutsu is a non-profit educational group dedicated to keeping the spirit of the Samurai alive. We teach a style called "Min Ryű Shinto Ryu" ("Sleeping Dragon Divine Sword Style"), a martial art that focuses on the Japanese sword, especially the Katana.

All aspects of the Japanese sword are approached from a practical, realistic, and historical persepctive - a tool, a weapon and an art form. We are NOT a fencing or Kendo school - we do not extol the sword as a form of "sport."

What we learn is how to use the sword from a pure, practical, and combative standpoint, where everything is a target and life and death are on the line (figuratively, of course). We train - as the Samurai of old did - to prepare ourselves both mentally and physically for a life lived by the sword.

Thus, training could be considered as split into two catagories - impact and non-impact. By this we mean we use our Live Blades to work on drawing, cutting, and forms. Then we compliment that training by using the Bokken, Suburito, and Shinai to make contact in order to ensure the techniques are accurate. We have friendly Sparring without armour where we practice the basic blocking and cutting while including numerous fighting tactics, strategies, and principles, with a focus on their realistic viability.

We do use REAL, sharp swords in order to develop a proper feel, understanding and (most importantly) a RESPECT for the weapon. We train in Both Iaijutsu as well as Kenjutsu - two sides of the same coin that are necessary in order to understand the whole.

Through rigourous training and introspective discussion, we try to reach our goal of having a strong, calm, and focused spirit that translates to all aspects of life.

What do we teach?

An intricate, sword-based system which includes:

  • Iai-jutsu (the art of the fast draw/fast kill)
  • Ken-jutsu (The fighting art of unsheathed sword)
  • Daito & Ryo-to (Long sword & 2-sword techniques)
  • Tai-Jutsu Empty-Hand vs. Sword techniques (based on various martial styles)
  • Bushido (Samurai code of conduct)
  • Bu-Jin (Samurai philosophy)
  • Shingan & Kan (levels of Awareness)
  • Kokoro (Steadfast Heart)
  • Sword/Personal Etiquette
  • Sword/Samurai History & Context
  • Sword Appraisal
  • Sword Restoration
  • Other weapons

  • Times: Classes meet every SUNDAY from 1pm-5pm (occaisonally longer).

    Location: Please contact for address and directions.

    Instructor: Derek May Sensei

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    Serious and committed inquiries only please.

    PLEASE NOTE: Class sizes are extremely limited. Not all prospective students may be able to join. Please contact for more information.

    Domo Arigato,

    The San Antonio School of Kenjutsu
    Min Ryű Shinto Ryu